“Make my logo bigger!” Reasons why bigger isn’t always better

It’s a common request: “we think our logo should really stand out… could you just make it bigger?” Your logo is not just the visual representation of your company, it’s the ‘brand mark’ image by which people will remember your business and what it represents, so no wonder clients feel it is so important to make this a prominent feature on their branding. As professional designers, we can explain why a bigger logo does not always make it more effective or impactful.

Consumers are not looking for your logo

A logo should be simple, impactful and memorable – and there lies the point. An effective logo just needs to leave a good impression at a glance and once it has worked its way into the viewer’s memory, it has done its job. Your logo is never going to make someone buy your services unless you are a huge ‘super brand’ investing in advertising, so leave the space on your branding or website open to the important content that your customer wants to see and don’t distract them with unnecessary large graphics.

Customer psychology

Have you noticed how many logos tend to be aligned on the left? Retailers have known for years that customers have a ‘look left to right’ behaviour when shopping, which is why you will typically find cheaper items on the left in your store – they want you to look at them first and then move on to the important items (i.e. the expensive stuff!). The same psychology applies to logos. People will notice it but its purpose is not to drown out the content that you really want people to focus on.

Brand exposure

Years ago, traditional forms of printed advertising such as classified ads in local publications meant that smaller businesses had limited space and opportunity to build their brand. Now, we can expose our brand marks across numerous marketing channels, increasing its recognition. Your logo doesn’t need to be in everyone’s face – whether it’s email, social media, or printed communication, its there, in the background like a reassuring company signature.

The next time you’re thinking about the prominence of your logo on your brand communications, consider the overall visual impact that the customer sees. There are other effective design elements that can be used to enhance brand recognition for example, such as colour and imagery. Not just that, think about why people are looking at that specific marketing asset, is it to admire the logo? or is to find out about your business, special offer, service or important call to action? What would you prefer them to do, compliment you on your logo or buy from you?

Most importantly, the designer will try to ensure that the graphics don’t overshadow all that fantastic content you have worked so hard on, which is there to make sure the design achieves it’s objective.