Investing in graphic design

4 ways graphic design can amplify business

Good graphic design involves much more than merely choosing colours, fonts and images based on your personal appreciation of such. Good graphic design is created through the expression of a brand’s mission and its outward communications – everything from how it connects with people about its services, products and fundamental principles to how it engages with customers, to the value it strives to be known for.

Sadly, quality graphic design is something many businesses fail to invest in – a decision that, more often than not results in a less-than-optimal professional business presentation (aka, brand image). Fortunately this means that businesses which are intent on positioning themselves professionally stand a much greater opportunity to gain advantage in the competitive market, because they refuse to seen as anything less than top-notch – thereby setting themselves heads above their ‘competition’. And good graphic design plays one of the greatest roles in professional business imaging.

A business that commits to good graphic design is, in fact, investing in their brand. Yet all too often businesses – usually small business – views design as just another expense. Graphic design is not an expense. It’s an investment – in your business, your brand image and your customers.

Here are four ways in which graphic design can amplify a business…

Sets you apart from your competition

Someone who is well-groomed and well-dressed is always the first to be noticed, even in a crowded room. Conversely, someone who dresses poorly or is mismatched is usually looked over, or worse, never even noticed in the first place. Same goes for your business image. If dressing to impress is important to you, just imagine how important it is for your business.

Makes a positive impact on others

Opinions count. What kind of opinion would you like others to have of your business? Good graphic design plays a significant role in how others define your brand. It can help improve or strengthen the impression you leave on others. It can position your business to be heard, seen, noticed and respected – instead of ignored. Design levels the playing field against other brands that are still trying to figure out who they are, what they stand for, and what they want to be famous for.

Summarises your messaging into imagery that resonates

One image can speak a thousand words. But too many unrelated images will only result in sending the message of confusion and ambiguity. Good graphic design consolidates your messaging and wraps it up with images that, not only resonate with your target market, but also support your communications so that your message is clear, consistent and cohesive.

Creates internal focus and direction

Many businesses have complex hierarchical structures. Even a sole proprietor can have a complex business model. And without adequate streamlining, everyone in an organisation usually has their own perception of what a brand means. So when you think of all the vendors, customers, and colleagues your business interacts with daily, it comes as no surprise that even a two-person office can easily send mixed signals to various connections in a daily routine. Good graphic design finds clear path to simplify and improve internal communications, which are subsequently directed outwardly (to vendors, customers and colleagues), resulting in a solid message – focused and directed. Good graphic design brings everyone to the ‘same page’ by harnessing the objectivity that is needed for explaining things in such a way that people understand.

As you can see, good graphic design has many beneficial advantages, beyond simply making something look dazzling. In fact, hiring a good graphic designer can mean the difference between your business expanding and your business failing. So, if you have been asking yourself how you can possibly afford a Graphic Designer, consider this: How can you afford not to?